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  • About Product : Hancrafted furnitures reviving stories from across India to fill your spaces .... have a seat & listen to these comfy storytellers... engaging you in their colorful banter...
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Sihash is born out of a simple desire to explore and embrace India’s unsung textile heritage. And we seek to harness and celebrate this heritage by sourcing our upholstery from all over the country and from artisans who have mastered the craft over generations.

We curate our fabrics from all over the country for its long-standing traditions, culture and stories it brings with it - from the foothills of Nagaland to the salt floors of Kutch! We use these unique fabrics to bring a touch of Indian heritage into your modern homes.

Fabric Tales ~

Rajasthan Dhurrie -

The original Indian rug - Rajasthani dhurries are traditional, strong and versatile! Traditionally woven by nomadic herders, dhurries are used as tapestries, bed covers, upholsteries and of course, floor rugs. Our Dhurries are sourced from the prestigious Jaipur Rugs and are indigo-dyed. We have five different patterns inspired by the Mediterranean, Asian and European landscapes - The Zig-Zag, The Floral, The Maze, Spiral and The Ornate.

Kutch Banni Patchwork -

This fabric is ‘waste not’ in the true sense! The nomadic herders of the Banni tribe are not inclined to waste any fabric, so all the leftover fabric from the block printing is patched together to make quilts, hangings and sometimes drapes for camels. Our patchwork pieces consist some plain dyed fabric, some block-printed Ajrakh in myriad colours, and some prints on cotton. 

Kutch Ajrakh -

Derived from Azrak, which means blue in Arabic, the Ajrakh fabric is traditionally dyed with Indigo along with other colours and enhancers, and then printed on, using wooden blocks. This craft is the livelihood of the semi-nomadic, pastoral tribes of the Banni region in Kutch. Our Ajrakh, sourced from the Banni craftsmen, is printed on Mashru Silk - a rare form of silk woven with cotton as the lining. 

Naga Shawl -

The Naga fabric is woven as much with tradition, as it is with yarn. Different Naga tribes have different patterns that are unique to their community. We source our Naga shawls from Chizami Weaves, a North East Network Resource Centre initiative. Starting with just seven weavers in 2008, Chizami Weaves today has 600 women in its network across 14 villages in the Phek district as well as urban settlers in the Kohima district of Nagaland.

Bhagalpur Linen -

It might be the oldest fabric known to man, but Linen is definitely one of the most versatile. Our linen, sourced from Bhagalpur craftspeople in Bihar, has the qualities of ‘the perfect upholstery fabric’ - it is soft, elastic and tensile. The first known use of linen dates back to around 40,000 years ago! The fabric is made from flax fibres that is not only a tensile and versatile fabric, but also rich in nutritional value.

Assam Silk- Cotton -

We source two different kinds of Assam silk. Muga silk, also known as ‘the golden fibre’ is a rare form of silk that is unique to Assam. Muga silk is famous for its golden hues and longevity. We also use Eri silk, more famously known as the Ahimsa silk for of its cruelty-free process. Our Assam silk collection, sourced from Fabric Plus in Guwahati, features both fabrics in a brown and white combination.  

Made by Design by Sihasn, Made by craftsmen working with Sihasn
Shipping ~
Shipping Delivery SLA - 30 days
Dimension NOTE on Patterns: Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, patterns in product may not be placed in the exact same places as in the product photos. Fabric Details: Ceramic Naga cotton weave with patterns of Black-White-and-Pink, and Brown Linen Beading/ Border General specifications(l x b x h): 16.6 in x 22.72 in x 34.71 in Seating Height: 19 in Seating Depth: 14.66 in Seating Width: 14.5 in Backrest Mechanism: Adjustable (forward-backward motion) supporting the back linked to leg support Wood: Sheesham in Gold Natural Finish Foam: Combination of High Density 40D & 28D for Seat, High Density 40D for Backrest
Care Direct sunlight is bad for your upholstery. Too bad that fabric sunscreen doesn't exist. Spilled something on your upholstery? Blot(do not rub) as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth. Call those pros at the earliest. Lined, protective arm caps are a good idea, especially for new furniture – arms are the most soiled parts of the sofa and deserve some protection. Sitting on the edge of your seat are for theatres! Doing that on your sofa will ruin them Do NOT iron upholstery unless mentioned otherwise. Cute paws and wet noses are best left outside the sofa ;) Your sofa, like the human ego, is quite fragile. Pushing and pulling will result in scratches and damage. Please handle with care. Keep anyone from climbing on the frame to prolong its life. Hot/cold objects are meant for a table(with coasters), not your sofa! Spray your furniture with 3M ScotchGuard once in 6 months. They combat spills, stains and moisture! Make sure you brush/ vacuum your slipcovers at least once a month to keep them clean too! If slipped covers aren’t your thing, find a throw for your sofas. They keep your sofas clean and are a good accessory to cozy up with, in the cold.
Product details Yogi (Folding Chair) bends and straightens from Tadasan to Urdhva Hasatana to Uttanasana. He is Utkatasana and your dining chair and your party chair all at once. Firm and flexible, cute and comfortable, he takes up no space and can be stacked against very many other Yogi comrades – light and sturdy Yogis themselves. You will be hard-pressed to find a folding chair as convenient and functional as our Yogi.
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