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Arundhati ~ Gajji Silk Bandhni Dupatta, Dress Material & Sarees

Tarannum is a skilled Bandhani Artisan Designer. Her childhood was spent  learning the craft from her mother, a national award recipient and dyeing from her father, a block printer. She eventually pursued a Design course Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya in 2015 where she expanded her knowledge about designing, colors, textiles and products. There, she received an award for Best Collection in the Design School. After participating in many exhibitions and fashion shows, Today, Tarannum runs her business, Barbhat, where not only are her designs are highly recognised, she also supports the livelihoods of over 100 women. 

Arundhati ~ Gajji Silk Bandhni Dupatta ~ 11 SOLD OUT
Arundhati ~ Gajji Silk Bandhni Dupatta ~ 11

A familiar chatter swells in the air as feet chase the trail of a carelessly flying odhani in the ..

Sold out
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