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Women gather around to put their time to a better use... turning these plastic strings into beautiful basket & bags... woven finely in colors these upcycled baskets are perfect for everyday use...

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L.W.H | Wgt:10 x 10 x 10in | 550g

BalaDarshan is an NGO that works with socially marginalized women, promoting their handcrafts. These women are trained by the NGO Speed Trust who has taught them to make useful products from waste. 

SPEED stands for Slum People Education & Development, a charitable public trust actively working in the slum areas of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

They are supporting the deprived women, particularly widowed and deserted mothers socially & economically by motivating and helping their children in getting a qualitative education or attaining technical skills. They encourage people to develop income generation activities in order to become independent &self‐sustainable.


Under the handicrafts training program, one of the projects run by them with physically challenged women is to develop baskets & bags by upcycling the material easily available to them. Using colorful plastic wastage &basic weaving, these women have developed a range of utility baskets in tune with the modern lifestyle.

Made by NGO BalaDarshan & SPEED trust working with Craftmark
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