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Karu ☘ Gajasimha Note Holder { Wood } ☘ 7

For centuries, the Gajasimha or the image of a lion straddling an elephant has consistently featured in the art and architecture of the Indian subcontinent. While on its own the lion is taken to be a regal creature, when it pins down a submissive elephant, the moment is frozen in art to depict a just and able ruler who is able to lord over a fertile and prosperous kingdom. The Gajasimha Note Holder has been carefully carved in such a manner that both the animals can be distinctly recognised from multiple angles. Meant to both intimidate and delight, the artefact is designed in a manner that the note holder on its back is visible only to the person sitting behind the object. A cue for the corporate ruler who loves to play fair and square!

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Made/ Mkt. By: Karu - Handcrafted Luxury

L.W.H | Wgt:5 x 5 x 6.5in | 565g

Karu ☘ Gajasimha Note Holder { Wood } ☘ 7

Karu brings you exquisite craftsmanship imbued with an indigenous spirit representing stories and legends dating back to thousands of years. At Karu, each object d’art represents beauty, heritage, and the timeless wisdom of India.


While our vision is to create exclusive pieces of handcrafted art for modern spaces, it is also our mission to transform and support Indian craftsmen and provide them with sustainable livelihoods to enable them to keep traditional skill-sets alive in a modern context. That is what helps us deliver unique handmade items that express the personality and creative expression of the artisan.


At Karu, we deliver timelessness in a fast-paced world! We celebrate luxury carved from our roots. So come, be a part of India’s legacy.


ISHAN PATTANAIK - Creative Head + Designer


A designer from Kolkata - an avid history and culture enthusiast, Ishan is passionate about all things Indian. A graduate of Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, Ishan's work is inspired by classical South Asian art, religious iconography and Indic thought. He believes it is his life mission to infuse the grace and wisdom of India's traditions and art forms in his work.



Product range includes :

Wood - Kashta


The synthesis of folk and classical forms constitute the woodcarving traditions of Odisha. Her craftsmen have assembled a collection of beautiful and utilitarian objects that exhibit sharp, fine features and an exquisite needlework finish. Designed and etched with careful detail, the products are made from a soft and light cream wood called Gambhari or white teak. The wooden objects are textured, finished with great smoothness, whittled and carved to utmost finesse.


Stone - Shila


The alluring stone carvings of Odisha mirror a glorious past and a rich heritage. Evolved and perfected through centuries by the deft hands of artisans who descend from the builders of ancient temple - they are not only a timeless reflection of an eminent tradition but also frozen stories in stone.

Made by Artisans working with Karu Design
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Note Imperfections and variations in the product cannot be termed as defects, as these are intrinsic to the handmade process.
Made of Wood
Care Care Instructions • Please keep all wooden products at least one meter away from a direct source of heat (heaters, radiators, fireplaces etc.) • Direct exposure of wooden products to sunlight may lead to loss of the original colour • Remove spilled liquids from wooden surfaces as soon as possible. • Please Clean our products using a microfibre cloth • Please refrain from placing hot or very cold objects directly on wooden surfaces • Please do not pick up articles by their delicate parts (such as ears, arms etc). Handle these precious creations with care.
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