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Active Hands ~ Book Binding Kit

No more early morning alarms, no daily homework to finish, mangoes and litchi to sweeten each day, friends and games all day long…such are the bliss of vacations. Summer breaks are here, and its time to give your kids some interesting activities that widens their imaginations . Time for kids to come closer to their roots and traditions and explore crafts of India in their extraordinary ways!

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Made/ Mkt. By: Active Hands

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:26.5 x 18 x 5cm | 250g

The kits are based on traditional crafts from all over the world, with a contemporary bent so as to make them relevant for the young generation.

Each kit has been carefully designed to develop and enhance hand skills, design aesthetics, precision and concentration among children. 

While crafting, the kids also experience a sense of achievement, as they see their kit turn into a creative, functional and utility product.

After dabbling with a few crafts, one can then combine two or more of the skills to create an original and value added creation. Unlike arts, creativity cannot be taught it can only be expressed through activities. Active Hands also organizes workshops on craft and science as an all year round activity, not just for recreation but also for skill development. Handling different materials like paper, fabric, wood, clay/ dough, flowers, chocolate etc. enhances the tactile capabilities and technical learning.

Both creativity and play require imagination, insight, problem solving, divergent thinking, the ability to experience emotion and to make choices.Organising interactive craft making parties can add a whole lot of meaning to the occasion and to the gifting culture. Kits can be customized and made to order as per your requirements. Theme based personalized return gifts can also be ordered from Active Hands.

Made by Active hands
Note Active Hands aims to give every child an opportunity to explore and express their hidden creative talent, through a series of Design it Yourself [DIY] Craft and Science kits including all materials and easy to follow instructions to enable children to learn at home. The kits are divided in three different age groups- Tender Hands: Ages over 5 Happy Hands: Ages over 9 Super Hands: Ages over 12 We undertake orders for: -Design it Yourself [DIY] craft kits -Theme based personalised gifts. -Bulk supplies for Summer camps. We also organize Orientation Workshops on Crafts and Science.

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