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अमोहा ❋ Mul Cotton Ajrakh Stole

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Every part of Ajrakh talks about a dream nurtured by the craftsman with love and patience over time.. words fall short when natural colors magically appear on mogul motifs & stary patterns.. bringing the sky at his feet.. bathed in red or soaked in blue.... it's a sight to behold.. every time Ajrakh is made. The origin of Ajrakh can probably be older than we can imagine. Excavation sites of Indus Valley Civilization give evidences that Ajrakh was possibly one of the oldest printing methods of the Indian subcontinent. The etymology of it can be traced to the Sanskrit word "A-jharat", meaning something that does not fade. Since indigo is one of the main colours of this textile, it is also possible that Ajrak got its name from "Azrak", which means blue in Arabic. For more information login to Gaatha.org

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