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A Golden Tag ❉ Gold Plated Bookmarks ❉ 3

Gift me, or keep me... I'll mark the pages for you, with my gold-plated skin, and beautiful forms. Shapes so varied, borrowed from nature and life; From men and concrete, from machines and trees. I am rare and radiant, light shy's away from me.. I am, but, a golden tag- Gift me, or keep me!

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Box- L.W.H | Wgt:0 x 0 x 0cm | 100g

Majestic India Collection by Souvenirking®

Souvenirking® unveils its Majestic India Collection- a bespoke collection of Indian handicrafts defined by supreme craftsmanship, resplendent finesse & exquisite designs that are as rare and breathtaking as INDIA. Inspired by the Creation itself, every artifact in this collection captures the magnificence of INDIA and its glittering culture in exquisite miniature form. Unrivalled in beauty the flawlessly crafted designs come to life in luxurious gold plating, undeniably celebrating the Majestic INDIA. The swirling Jaali pattern fluidly traverses the delicate embossed surface bringing life to the very ethnic nature of sense & style. The collection’s stunning designs display grandeur and finesse.

Gold Plated Bookmarks : A True Reflection of Unmatched Luxury!!

A Souvenir from INDIA with Love!!

Made by Artisans working with Majestic India
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Note ♦ The items in this category are non refundable but you may exchange this product with any other product from the same category. ♦ The products in this category is handmade. ♦ The product is only eligible for a refund in the case of damage or defect.
Made of Brass, Gold Plated
Note ♦ Imperfections and variations in the product cannot be termed as defects, as these are intrinsic to the handmade process. ♦ These might slightly differ from as seen on digital screen.

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