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Flying Kites ♦ Moonstone . Kite Earrings ♦ 1

She touches the sky high, swoops like kite winding through the breeze again... liberating her inner self without letting go the innocence of her twinkling eyes... handcrafted with a delicacy, these pieces will accompany your subtle & witty thoughts...

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Made/ Mkt. By: Rhizome Studio

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:0 x 0 x 0cm | 100g


Our first collectionsare inspired by the natural form of bamboo and its fibre pattern. Theseearrings are about Zenand balance - both for your style, and our world. We havetaken this theme further in collections made in crafted metal as well in jewellery inspiredby origami and paper-planes. The productshave been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a naturaloutcome of the human involvement in the process. These are for the woman who iswhimsical, nostalgic and classic – all at the same time.

The processhas been a joint effort of our in-house team, and craftspeople from Ahmedabad’sold city. Manek chowk,where we work closely with our artisans, inspires us. It is a vegetable market in the morning, India’s secondlargest bullion market in the noon, and the street food market at night. Thiskind of flexibility inspires us to bring out the best in our labour-of-love – whether that be bamboo or metal.

So far Rhizome’s workhas been in the realm of sustainability product design, branding, andcertification - mostly in the genre of decor. For awhilenow, we have been flirting with the idea of extending our work to thegenre of fashion. Our first offering is through our sustainable jewellery brandcalled Baka.



Rhizome is India’s first multidisciplinary sustainabilitydesign studio. We work at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability.

While most sustainability initiatives originate fromthe developed world, Rhizome’s approach is firmly rooted in the developingworld and its beautiful chaos and complexity. Sustainability is a compound picture made up of lots of beautifullycomplex, wicked and non-negotiable pieces which our designs work to integrate.Our designs are developed in collaboratively with a cross section of actors,including communities. This helps us look at all the pieces of thesustainability jig-saw—economic, social, cultural, and ecological—to designsustainable products with underpinning production to consumption systems.


Rhizome’steam comprises both design and craft innovators led by Dr. Rebecca Reubens. Weco-create products, at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability.

Made by Artisans working with Rhizome Studio
Product details Small Moonstone Kite Earrings with Blue Topaz Tassel (Sky blue)
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Made of Moonstone, Gold plated silver frame & blue topaz Beads
About Sizes Dimensions (in cms) : 6 x 2.2 x 0.7 | Weight (in grams) : 5.46
Care Each earring is made from natural semi precious stones. Treat these earrings carefully and do not leave on any surface where they can be scratched or under pressure where they can be broken. Store in a plastic pouch so that your gold plating lasts longer.
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