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Ajrakh Gajji Silk Saree.

Every part of Ajrakh talks about a dream nurtured by the craftsman with love and patience over time.. words fall short when natural colors magically appear on mogul motifs & stary patterns.. bringing the sky at his feet.. bathed in red or soaked in blue.. it's a sight to behold.. every time a Ajrakh is made.. This collection is all about love & care for your body with these silk drapes dipped in natural colors.

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Stone Utility Products

Carved in glory.. skilled hands have uplifted the beauty of a mere stone.. It's a rebirth for the stone.. retelling the Gaatha's sculpted over time.. & these floral gems fit into the empty spaces like jigsaw.. creating a surreal reminder of the times so royal... an image for your living spaces...

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Ikat Cotton Sarees.

How would you imagine your dream home to be? Music of birds, vast silence, the vibrant coloured hills, a blossoming garden, cozy pathways, echoing valleys, running water or splashing water, all this just out of your window. This collection is an experience of that sort. Handwoven with Ikat technique on cotton fabric, they are a sense of home woven into drapes and carryons.

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