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Vegetable Colors


Day or night, the stories surround... Speaking of surreal stars & floppy fishes jumping all around.. making these little munchkins comfy & soft... get your hands on these supple kids wear made from organic cotton with beautifully designed patterns. Keep the snuggles coming!

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पलाश ❈ Cotton Bandhani ❈ Dress Material & Saree

Dewy flowers of the rain sprinkle over the unfolded ties...creating a play of Bandhani knots.. weaving the subtleness of cotton as it moves along... leaving a Handwoven cotton Bandhani to be looked upon!

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Eshana | Gaamthi Print . Natural Color . Saree

The time has no age, only measured in moments. It’s upon us to live with grace and beauty yet steal some moments flavored with fun. The Gaamthi printed sarees are hand block-printed inn Ahmedabad. Traditional Indian patterns on chaste cotton fabric, paired along with a contrasting colored blouse to add some fun.

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Hand Knitted ☃ Natural Color ☃ Pure Woolen Cap

The mountain hears the winter coming, ready to sweep everyone off their feet with bundles of the wintry whisk it carries... while the women knits the natural colored yarn singing soulful melodies in peace, filling it with a whooping warmth & love for the winters to see!

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अंजन ◉ Ajrakh Cotton Saree ◉ Natural Colour

These Sarees are product of nature made with absolute love and patience. Draped in the elegance of a saree there is a part of you that demands to be at ease...

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Abrazo ● Block Printed Shirts & Kurtas

To introduce you to a journey of comfort and elegance, we present a subtle and classy range of men’s shirts. Beautiful Sanganeri block prints on cotton, spread in a range of soothing motifs and patterns, is a must have in your summer collections. Beat the heat, with some block print!

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