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Organic nourishment ~ Ayurvedic cosmetics bundle

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Made/ Mkt. By: Asal

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:520 x 114 x 0cm | 400g

Snan Raj (Ayurvedic Body wash Powder)

Snan Raj is a rare age-old combination of Ayurvedic herbs tradtionally used in ancient royal baths. When used regularly, its unique property helps in changing the body's aura, adds glory and luster to the skin.

Besides removing dead skin cellls and opening the skin pores, these ingredients eradicate body toxins. 

Contents: Nagar moth, Puvadia beej, Jatamasi, Amba haldi, Ghoda vaj, Neem patti, Amla hardi, Behda, Kapur kachari, Chandan

Roop Raj (Ayurvedic Face wash powder)

Roop raj helps in restoring luster in the facial skin by nourishing it. The powder contains the necesaary herbs prescribed in Ayurveda, these help in removing wrinkles, fatigue and dead skin cells of the skin. 

Contents: Rose petals, Sandalwood powder, Pathan Lodra, Mango leaves, Shalmali Kantak, Orange & Lemon peel, Multani & Redgram base, Kapur Kachali. 

Kesh Raj (Ayurvedic hair wash powder)

Kesh raj is a combination of rare herbs and ingredients to make the hair more lustrous, shiny and healthy. 

Contents: Bhringraj, Kapoor kachali, Nagori mehandi, Harda, Baheda, Amla, Japa kusum, Kamal pushpa, Musta.

Kesh Tel (Aurvedic hairoil)

The herbs are boiled in a brass container over a charcoal fire till the extracts are obtained. The extract is then mixed in the base oil of Sesame and Coconut. A cooling and nourishing oil which gives lustre and shine to the hair. Strengthens the hair and encourages new growth. Also helps to reduce dandruff and premature graying. It also has a calming effect to help get a sound sleep. 

Contents: Mehendi, Chandan, Tagar, Upalet, Amla, Nagarmoth, Ashwagandha, Lohkaat, Bhringrai, Jasud, Brahmi, Gulab, Dudhi, Mogara, Neem, Kapoor Kachali, Jalamasi, Triphala, Sesame oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Walo (Khus), Chanothi, Jethimadh, Ral, Gali (Indigo)

Gulab jal (Rose water)

Obtained from organic rose petals.
Ittar bottles (Essential oils)
Oldest form of aromatherapy uses subtle power of natural fragrances to provide calmness and restore harmony in body. Has permanent shelf life.
Contents: Fresh flowers and herbs, coconut oil. (Free from alcohol, synthetic essence, preservatives and chemical additives)
Fragrance available (Choose any two while ordering): Gulab(Rose), Chameli(Spanish jasmine), Mogra(Indian jasmine), Heena, Khus(Vetiver), Kevda(Screwpine)
Glycerin soap
A glycerin soap with natural herbs which is gentle to your skin. 
Loofah (Body scrubber)
A dried Indian fruit ‘Gilca’ which provides adequate exfoliation.
Boy wipe
Handspun and handwoven organic cotton body wipes.


Made by Artisans working with Asal
Village Ahmedabad
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Location Only for India. (Cannot be shipped internationally, because of bottled contents)
Made of 100% natural ingredients
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