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Stories of cultures & traditions...etched in time.. adorn your walls with these Mirror Inlay plates from Rajasthan & let them be a storyteller every time you pass by..

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Product Code: 3788-IM-01

Made/ Mkt. By: Gaatha

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:18 x 18 x 4cm | 700g

We at Vanitas Collections are natural-born storytellers. Well, most of us. And that seeps into every part of our brand—we believe homes should tell stories—and not just the walls, but what adorns them.

Exquisitely hand painted, well-loved pieces rule down here, and often inspired by different cultures, subjects, traditions and artists.  So it makes sense that at Vanitas, we put on display painstakingly hand painted fine bone china plates that mean so much to the artists who create them. They are like our children, and once ready, they must make a place for themselves in the world.

But we’re not just romantic story tellers, we’re practical too. By hanging plates on the wall to decorate, you kill two birds with ones stone—the walls get decorated (no framing required!) and you can slowly keep adding to the collection. In time, these plates can be rearranged, they can be moved from once place to the other as per the requirement of your space.

Our love for wall plates will never die, and we hope for the same for you too.

Made by Artisan working with Gaatha
Made of Glass, Mirror and Plaster of paris
Note Imperfections and variations in the product cannot be termed as defects, as these are intrinsic to the handmade process.

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