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Narania | Ceramic Jewelry - Earring | 16 |

These products are made of ceramic, fired at high temperatures to give them extra strength. They are assembled with metal hooks & hand made. Everything is handcrafted and hence subject to little variation in size and shade.

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Product Code: 4035-NCJ-16

Made/ Mkt. By: Narania

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:5 x 3 x 0cm | 100g

You know something is unique when it is created without knowing its final result. Each piece is meticulously crafted with fine artisanal  hands and aesthetically thought by ceramic designers to create personal,bespoke pieces where no two pieces are the same.

Clay is one of the most traditional raw materials used for generations to explore different forms of expressions. The material is very responsive & hence provides an unending possibility to explore in areas of color, texture & forms.

While going through various stages of the process each piece takes around 30 days to finish that involves sculpting the clay to give it a form,glazed in natural oxides to achieve earthy,natural textures like never seen before in other materials,some even 22 karat gold dipped and finally baking them at 1200 degrees to give it a life of its own.

Assembly & production of ceramic pieces goes hand in hand. Each threading is done differently & according to the ceramic piece. Various kinds of beads, textile, metal wires like brass, copper & German silver along with different kinds of fixtures are used. 

Made by Narania
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Note These products are not subject to return except in case of damage during transit /shipping.
Made of ceramic, brass hooks
Note As the product is handmade and every piece is unique, expect minute variation from shown design and shape

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