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Bidri by Bidriwala

A traditional craft of inlaying done using silver wires and sheets to make flowers, petals, geometric patterns and Mughal motifs on beautiful Black base

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Ahar ✽ Handmade Brassware

Etched into the shining metal, Mandalas and motifs, They are, but, Craftsmanship's fine example. Golden brass, That reflects in light... Gift a set to someone, Or serve food in them, Add nutrition to food... With a bit of shiny style!

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इशाना ✽ Antique White metal Jewelry

Carefully crafted from shiny metal, these necklaces have a charm of their own... From lotuses, flowers to spiky forms too! Be it the chokers or the long ones that you may like, they all add a statement to the outfit, and shall make you stand out!

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Anosha ✽ Tribal Jewelry ✽ Necklace & Earring

Glint of sunshine on tinted glass... Wear a hue of sun or wear them all... like a rainbow of heart stealing jewels... this sterling Afghan jewelry piece is designed for seduction.

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देवसेना * Miniature Painting . Pendant & Ring

A brush stoke recites a story.. A story embellished in natural colors.. a rush of color breathes life in every character.. bringing you the stories from gods and goddess of life through these stunning handmade jewelery from Rajasthan..

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Grace the wall ~ Ceramic MURAL

Stories of cultures... soaked in colors of amazements.. etched in time.. adorn your walls with these hand-painted plates & let them be a storyteller every time you pass by..

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