Prathaa (tradition) is a celebration of exquisite handcrafted fabrics that emerge from the heart of India and breathe, flow and speak of the country’s textile heritage. It creates easy to wear, distinctive and appealing contemporary fusion fashion. Unique in its use of weaves, design touches, Prathaa excels in showcasing its fabrics. The brand embodies the modern urban woman, who welcomes change and innovation, and is aware of her rich historical inheritance. It represents every woman who have embraced the past with respect, enjoys the present with abandon and looks to the future with optimism.

Our team at Prathaa looks to translate the inherent honesty and hard work of the Indian artisans into modern edgy clothes, rejoicing in color, cut and quirk. To translate the pride that a craftsman feels on seeing her imagination come to life in warp and weft -- into clothes that makes the soul sing.

Each Prathaa design goes through an elaborate birthing process and has a distinct story to tell. Our commitment is to using 100% natural and breathable fabrics. In a design palette that is always evolving, our focus is sharply on the quality and celebrating the uniqueness of fabrics used, rather than being just a trend follower. Since the Prathaa women are all unique, we keep a sharp eye on detailing and finishing to ensure that each has the perfect outfit. When they buy a Prathaa, we respect the trust they place in us and our designs, a trust that we will make them shine.

The fabric that we have worked on the latest limited edition bindi collection is Khadi . Since we believe that ours is a business of honest work ,our thought was to work on one of the most honest fabrics to celebrate us and our Prathaa women . It is Khadi  for this collection ...

बिंदी ⚫ Khadi and handloom tunic with bindi pocket ⚫ 13


बिंदी ⚫ Maxi spaghetti dress with bindi waist band ⚫ 12


बिंदी ⚫ Princess Blouse with bindi embroidery on sleeves ⚫ 11


बिंदी ⚫ Sleeveless Blouse with bindi patch details ⚫ 10


बिंदी ⚫ Lungi skirt with bindi patch pocket ⚫ 9


बिंदी ⚫ Culottes with bindi patch pocket ⚫ 8


बिंदी ⚫ Blazer with bindi patch ⚫ 7


बिंदी ⚫ Crop jacket with bindi patch ⚫ 6


बिंदी ⚫ Sleeveless top with bindi embroidered box pleat ⚫ 5


बिंदी ⚫ Bindi embroidered yoke box pleat top ⚫ 4


बिंदी ⚫ Asymmetric bindi tunic ⚫ 3


बिंदी ⚫ A-line dress with collar and bindi embroidered sleeves ⚫ 2


बिंदी ⚫ Midi dress with bindi embroidered waist belt ⚫ 1


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