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Vivekananda Saamagri ~ A board game

Do you resonate with this intention? Would you like to be more fully present to each moment than you are at present? Would you like to explore the insights of Vivekananda in context to your personal life? Let us get together to play a board game – The Vivekananda Saamagri and dip into the magic of Eastern Wisdom and Western Structure to better understand ourselves and the way we function in the world.

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Vivekananda Saamagri – A board game for critical thinking and transformative action  


WHY VIVEKANANDA: A journey through the life and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda is a study of the Indian civilization, its ethos and value system. Not only did his message of tolerance based on true knowledge, make him an outstanding spokesperson of the country but his life’s mission - to inspire human beings to dedicate their lives for others, made him a prophet and a leader. He had realized that a free India also needed minds that were rooted in spirituality, minds that were controlled to decide the future of the nation and strove to create this awareness to give rise to better human beings with stable minds. His insights continue to be relevant even today, especially in the light of the prevailing intolerance and fanaticism in the nation and chaos and turmoil in the world.

WHY VIVEKANANDA SAAMAGRI: Why do we compromise our living experience by coping and being in a survival mode? Life is about thriving and manifesting the grand vision of our Soul.

The intention: I live a deliberate life; motivated from my need for meaning and purpose in everything I do. Vivekananda Saamagri is a tool kit for critical thinking and transformative action emerging from courage and 

authenticity. The benefits are:

- it supports courageous action                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

- it uncovers what is really going on in our inner world                                                                                                                                                                                                            

– it manifests our higher purpose                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

– it helps us grow by engaging with life from a deeper conviction and authenticity                                                                                                                                                              

- it assists us harness values of integrity, equanimity, risk taking ability, creative problem solving, critical thinking, trusting our intuitive power, introspection, self evaluation, building trust, overcoming inhibitions, connecting with self and others etc.

I INSIGHT CARDS - Quotes of Swami Vivekananda – Corresponding Themes 21 cards

The Insight Cards help us to engage with our perceptions and experiences. This way we enhance our capacity to dip into our human potential beyond education, skills, money and tangible assets.  We play the 

game by applying the insights to real life situations to generate a sense of security, positive attitude, critical thinking, transformative action and more.


 The Situation cards are developed to explore Life Experiences, for Personal Growth and Transformative Action. The Game Board signifies the Life Space to engage with… We usually employ resources to our duties and responsibilities, to cope with our Life. What if we lived a deliberate life motivated from our need for meaning and purpose in everything we do? The situation cards help to dissolve our ego and bring integrity in our work and home. We review and redefine our life’s aspirations and purpose. Situation cards are created to bring out the challenges related to


Mid career shifts, Work life balance, Compromising values, Innovation, Risk-taking ability, Decision-making, Intuitive sense, Trust building, Authentic Communication


Disconnect in personal spaces, Stress due to communication gap Sustainability in daily life, Celebrating inter-dependence 


Celebrating personal space, Meaning and purpose of life, Overcoming fears, Clarity of goals – Prioritizing, Decisions based on integrity, Loneliness to Aloneness

The Game Board is the Life Space with four zones:

My Work: My work inspires me 

My Family: In my family we have a sense of belonging 

My Society: In society, I see myself as a change maker

My Self: I honour my personal space

For whom is it created: Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Mentors, Professionals, Corporate Trainers, 

Life Coaches, HR Professionals, MBA Students, Youth


I Insight cards (21) in a cover

II Situation cards (31) in a cover

III Game Board A4 size with one fold

IV Dice 1“ by  1“

V Swapathgami Journal for Personal Notes 32 pages

VI About VS Booklet – Why Vivekananda Why Vivekananda Saamagri and How to Play with the list of insights and situations - 4 sides

VII How to play – a Demo video on youtube or a pen drive 

VIII Cover

IX Pen from Chetana NGO

Product details -Board game, -Strategic cards - Booklet 1: Insights - Booklet 2: Songs