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Vrindavan Ke Rang ✥ Batic Maheshwari Stole ✥ B

A collection based on the holy town of Vrindavan. The flowers which are offered to the deity... the garments adorned by the God himself... everything reminiscent of the essence of Braj... Floral prints rendered in the finest maheshwari silk with the purity of zari. Each stole is hand woven first and then surfaced by batik.... keeping the arriving spring in mind the collection has pastel hues and bright prints representing the inner joy upon seeing Braj Mohan himself...

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Made/ Mkt. By: Siddhant Beriwal

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:216 x 65 x 1cm | 50g

Wax resist an old tradition of dyeing fabric in West Bengal , Batik, known for the cracked effect it produces has been provided with a little twist at our production house. We try and apply thick layers of wax in order to avoid the cracks and produce a set of floral and quirky designs.

The people behind the entire production from the process of applying wax initially to the dyeing of fabric in the end are a set of talented rural women who have been trained in the art.  Our production house comprises mainly of females who work in order to become independent and dream of providing their children with better lives by getting a little extra income.

The sole aim which we follow is to move batik from the cracked look and provide a fresh new look by just producing cracks on certain areas of the design hence fabricating a riot of colors in quirky and kitsch motifs.

Mixing wax blocking along with hand painting of wax is yet another feature about our house. We try and blend two styles together in order create designs which have a great finesse. 

Majorly trying to make batik readily available for all age groups by moving away from the accustomed style to creation in a distinct way.

Made by Women artisans working with Siddhant Beriwal
Village West Bengal
Note The products in this category is handmade. These might slightly differ from as seen on digital screen.