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Courtyard Utility |Shweth Prasadam Gift Set ~ 28

When a smith sets on a sheet of metal to draw out with his constant blows... it doesn't remain metal anymore... not even just a utility. It is a glimpse of that beautiful other world within him that he lets you have... a connect between real and surreal... as you touch it! So, as you bring your home together... keep ample space for surreal.... the real will come and sit accurately and therefore beautifully...

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Product Code: 1404-V22-CRT-SHETHPRSDMSET2-36-28

Made/ Mkt. By: Courtyard ~ By Aline Design

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:60 x 50 x 15cm | 1000g

Courtyard by Aline creates hand- crafted products in brass, copper, silver and iron by using traditional metal-smithing techniques. An interplay of a variety of techniques makes each Courtyard product unique, displaying a diverse mix of textures and designs.

While Courtyard products are designed for the modern consumer, they maintain their innate craft sensibilities, reminding us that each piece has been created by a skilled artisan. 

Aline started with a vision to support and enhance hand-skilled urban poor and give them an opportunity to respect the dignity of the craftsmanship they have left behind. We take inspiration from these skill sets and develop products in metal, retaining the core human involvement. 

Some of these traditional skills include Thathera (Hammering), Sume ka Kaam (metal needle work), Jaal Katai (Hand Piercing), Chetai (Hand Embossing), Meenakaari (enameling), Kalai (Hand Cleaning), Billai (Wire & Sheet Rolling).

These ancient processes have been reinvented to bring back the warmth of the hand skilled worker into a Courtyard product. A typical product for instance would be a combination of 2-3 such processes and the end result is unique.

Made by Artisan working with Courtyard
City Jaipur, Rajasthan
Product details This products are handcrafted or basic hand tools been used to make these products. These are products made of pure brass or copper sheets.Basic spinning , Hammering or beaten techniques are used in products. Also Etching and embossing has been extensively used  in the products. Made in India
Shipping ~
Shipping 5 TO 6 DAYS
About Sizes 2 NUT CASE Size : L-8XW-4XH-3
Note As each piece is hand crafted and unique, expect some variation from shown design.
Care Normal Wipe Cleaning. No use of acidic content, only wash with soft liquid soap. No overnight storage of liquid only use for serving purpose.
COD - Option Not Available
International Shipping Not Available ( For international shipping ask at E-mail or Whatsapp)

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