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Ushna . उष्ना ✜ Handloom . Natural Color ✜ Silk Shawls & Dupattas

Favored by the royals for its breezy nature & effortless style, its ease makes her one of a kind.... her own kind. Natural rich colors is a perfect choice for all seasons... Stories of several crafts & culture are woven together to make this fine look.

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Indrani . इंद्राणी | Jamdani & Kantha Sarees & Dupatta

She looks at the clock... with anticipation... colors in her hands ..waiting to be set free... she hears them gathering around her & run with colors embroidered all over... giggles & chatter fill the air & she moves in rythm diving deep into the fabric... a thousand words... weaving a thousand patterns...

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Advik ◉ Handwoven ◉ Cotton Organic Stoles & Dupattas

Pure cotton, handspun and handwoven with naturally dyed yarn is symbolic of self reliance and our hard earned freedom from the clutches of slavery. It stands for all things love, whether it is love for sustainability, independence or your skin. The fabric is extremely soft on skin and will get more friendly with wash.

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