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Old Pieces of Sindh ❋ Hand Embroidered Antique

Antique embroideries from Kutch and Pakistan... the vibrant and sturdy stitches speak of an era bygone and rarer with time. Recommended usage would be to cherish them as keepsakes on walls, in frames or elsewhere... where their imperfections can tell a story from respectably...

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Mata ni Pachedi

Mata ni Pachedi’ is a sacred canvas, an expression of folk art by nomadic ‘Vaghari’ community and should not be used as bedspreads or in any other form that may dishonor the Deities or the faith with which it was been made.

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Summer Pops ❉ Bead Jewelry

It's a gift of joy, A prized possession... Collection of beads, Woven into treasures. Pieces of jewellery- Necklaces and chokers.. There is one for every occasion, Outfit and vibe!

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