Founded by Vivek Shrivastava in 2012, Kalavilasa is a social enterprise based out of Bangalore that is committed to employing inactive workers in rural areas and enabling them with artisanal skills. The employees are trained to hand craft rugs with natural fibres using a variety of techniques like hand-tufting and dhurrie-weaving. Kalavilasa also works with second and third generation master weavers of rug-weaving traditions in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to produce dhurries with traditional patterns that can be traced back to Persian, Turkish and central Asian Kilim designs.

Each Kalavilasa Punja Dhurrie is made on a horizontal pit loom with a Punja, a claw-like device used to pack the weft yarn. The dhurries are produced with a strong emphasis on fair trade and sustainable development earning. Kalavilasa donates 1% of the value of rugs produced, towards health, education and skill development of their craftsmen.

शाही ✜ Handwoven Cotton Punja Dhurrie ✜ 11 { 4' X 6' }

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शाही ✜ Handwoven Cotton Punja Dhurrie ✜ 6 { 4' X 6' }

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