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1) The diy kit is eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic, bio-degradable,natural, herbal and fun at the same time.2)T he colours are made using ancient old avuryedic recipes thus having medicinal properties also protects from uv-rays 3)You can dye approximately 2.5kg or 25 meters 100 gsm of any natural fiber like silk, cotton, linen and jute with all colours of the rainbow at the comfort of your home. 4) Included is 6 herbal dye powder (red, blue, orange and yellow) 2 mordents (kasam and begar).5) The herbal dip bags should be kept in air tight container for better life.6) For all age group however below 11 years under parental guidance

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Made/ Mkt. By: Aura Herbal Wear

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:26 x 18 x 7in | 1.2kg

India is renowned for the excellence and wide variety of her textiles. The ‘Vedas’ India’s most revered scriptures refer to the pictorial and restorative properties of several herb based dyes centuries ago. After the introduction of synthetic dyes in 18th and19th centuries there was a decline in the use of natural dyes due to the complex and elaborate process. Synthetic dyes however have a enormous parting polluting the environment, not leaving us much time to correct the harm before it destroys our resources. Most of water, air and soil pollution is connected directly or indirectly with textiles.

This is why AURA was born. Arun and Sonal’s love for the environment leads AURA to provide the world with healthy textiles that roots us to nature and provides the users a toxic free alternative. At Aura we see a futuristic world where every user may enthusiastically choose herbal dyed fabric without compromising on design, quantity or quality. And we are accomplishing this dream through our carefully developed process and materials which have been applauded and certified by internationally recognized organizations like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our variety in processes on a diverse range of fabrics not only reflects our superior capabilities but also our interest in high quality. This paired with our beautiful range in colours and prints allows us to be at par with the enormous industry.

To add to this we take pride in our practice of recycling the solid as well as liquid waste produced. This not only allows us to be the producers of fabric that is completely Eco-friendly, but makes our process a reflection of our belief “We live and dye naturally”

Our herbal dyed organic products are soft to touch and provide more strength than conventional cloth The herbal colors used have proven to be therapeutic to the eye, mind, body and therefore are widely used in homeopathy and other nutritional supplements. All products are Bio COMPOSIBLE.

The Herbal dying process is a major contributor to put AURA an entire milestone ahead of the other existing textile available in the market. Our dying process has been developed through extensive research and revival of ayurvedic dying process used during the Indus Valley Civilization.

Peels and skins of herbs, fruits, plants such as Madder, Haritaki, Tumeric, Pomegranate, Onion, to name a few are used  to come out with beautiful , skin – friendly colors. These are 100% non-allergenic and Natural.

We take pride in having developed a product& dying process which is not only meets the international standards of quality, but also helps to save the environment by not using any of those 8000chemicals which are widely used in the textile industry for getting the vibrant colors we see today.

Our offerings are wide, ranging from bedding sand bath to apparel for men, women and kids. We are only ones worldwide who offer ‘organic herbal inner’ for both genders including kids. 

Made by Craftsman with AURA HERBAL WEAR
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