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Printed Poster | Dongria kondh Tribe (33x43cm)

Dongria kondh, In order to preserve and celebrate our native Indians, Gaatha brings you Know Your Native, where we help you join hands with various different tribal communities in India and distinguish one tribe from another by understanding their culture, ornamentation, clothing, hairstyles and other various practices.

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Dongria Kondh, Orissa

The Kondhs are a tribal community with several sub-groups like Dongria, Desia etc., The name Kondh is said to be derived from the Telugu word – ‘Ko’ or ‘Ku’, meaning mountains, therefore a Kondh is a ‘mountain dweller’.

The Dongria Kondhs alone are settled in more than 300 settlements or hamlets across the Niyamgiri hills and they live by the laws prescribed by Niyamraja, their Supreme deity. These settlements are always located within their clan territories. A settlement is almost always built on a gentle hill slope, traditionally constructed in parallel rows. The fields and the forests of the Niyamgiri hills are the educational institutions where the Kondh youth and children find themselves gaining skill and knowledge needed for lifetime. The people exhibit their distinctiveness though clothing, ornamentation and hairdos. From the very look of a person of the tribe,  one knows that they belong to the Dongaria tribe. When babies are born, parents adorn them with nose rings, earrings, bangles and waist chains after just one month of their birth. And they continue to add more jewellery with age. Both men and women fix beautiful combs on their hair.

The tribe has adopted a system of imparting cultural and traditional values to the adolescents and youths in their villages through exclusive youth dormitories. Young unmarried boys and girls from the village leave their parents’ homes and stay in village dormitories, where they are taught by the elder youth; the philosophical and practical aspects of life within the community and the natural environment. They are taught about culture, territory, marriage, economics and society. Apart from which they also find loves and suitable matches for themselves while interacting and living together. The bachelors – ‘Dhangadas’ or ‘Dhangidies’ adorn ornaments to attract each other. Dongria Kondh boys and girls exchange gifts of ornaments as symbols of love

The distinctly peculiar characteristics of indigenous tribes of India have always been found fascinating, whether one has come across them virtually or physically. They not only add to the diversity of our country but also bring back the historical significance of tribes which remain untouched by the wave of westernization. In order to preserve and celebrate our native Indians.

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