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Attar (Natural Perfume) ~ Khus + Gulab

1) Vetiver (Khus) Extract of the Khus plant. A cooling and relaxing fragrance for establishing harmony between body and mind. Balances Kapha and Pitta. 2) Pink Rose (Chaitri Gulab) Extract of the Chaitri Gulab (that blooms only in the Chaitra month of March). Queen of the essential oils. Carries a soft fragrance, opens the heart centre, gives a sense of security and spiritual unison. Reduces anger. Balances all Doshas.

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Box- L.W.H | Wgt:520 x 114 x 0cm | 400g

Natural Perfume (Attar)
Truly Natural Attars are rare and in limited supply. Attar is one of the oldest forms of Aromatherapy that uses the subtle power of fragrances to provide calmness and re-establish harmony in the body. They balance the Doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) and promote the energy of the Chakras. Attars have a permanent shelf life and become stronger in aroma as they age.
Asal Attars are essential oils which are lighter perfumes than attar. The oils are extracted by steam distillation process from fresh fragrant flowers and herbs collected in coconut oil base. Asal Attars contain natural ingredients and are free from alcohol, synthetic essence and any preservatives or chemical additives. Due to the rare ingredients and laborious production process these fragrances often lose market share to inexpensive synthetic fragrances.
Ayurvedic medicine tradition, considers true beauty to be supported by three pillars; Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty and Lasting Beauty. Only by enhancing all three can we attain the balanced state of radiant health that makes each of us the most fulfilled and beautiful person we can be.
Made by Artisans working with Asal
Village Ahmedabad
Made of 100% natural ingredients
Note Directions for use: Apply a few drops of oil on the body. For lasting fragrance take few drops of Attar on a small cotton bud and place in the outer flap of the ear. A few drops can be added to water and used with aromatic vapour lamps.
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