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A Breezy Tickle! ☘ Bagru Printed . Kota Cotton Saree ☘ P

Sheer linings play hide & seek with the sun.. letting her soak in for a little warmth.. & flutter at the same time as the breezy wind passes through.. circling herself with flower beds on every layer... Summers don't bother her anymore! Soak in the sun with these Bagru printed Kota sarees & let the summery breeze tickle you...

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Made/ Mkt. By: Rangsutra

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:5 x 112 x 0cm | 250g

Bagru, a town at the outskirts of Jaipur(Rajasthan) is one of the textile hubs. It is known for centuries for its natural dying, syahi begar printing, indigo dying and wooden hand block printing. Syahi begar printing is one of the traditional hand blockprint techniques where the prints are in the combination of red, black and yellow ochre or cream.

Syahi (black color) is made by keeping the mixture of horse shoe iron, water and jaggery in an earthen pot for around 15-20 days in summers whereas; in winters, it takes around 6 weeks to get ready. Then tamarindseed powder is mixed to this mixture and boiled. Begar (red color) is made by mixing Alum (fitkari), Madder(lal mitti) and juice of baboool gond.

The process of Syahi Begar involves pre-washing and soaking the fabric in fresh water and turcoil oil for 24 hours. It is done to remove all starch, dust or any other contaminants. Next the fabric is beaten to remove leftover dust. The fabric is then dyed in the Harda (merubelum powder) solution. Itallows the natural dyes to adhere to the fabric and become colorfast. The typical yellow dye or color is obtained from the Harda fruit which is again yellow in color.

The dyed fabric is then spread on long padded printing tables. There are three different blocks used to make the prints. First blockthat is a Gadh block, it is used for the background, next the Rehk block for fineoutlines and finally the Datta block for inside filling. There can be more thanone Datta block to fill in different colors. This process of printing is repeated over and over again.

At last, the fabric is left to dry after completion of printing. Then it is washed 3-4 times in fresh water. The fabric is then boiledfor around 5 hours in a large copper pot (bhatti). The pot consists of a mixof natural ingredients like alizerine (aal ki lakdi) and sakura flower (dawariaka fool). After boiling, the fabric is once again dipped in Harda to remove theexcess alum (fitkari). The block printed fabric is then roll-pressed and is ready.
Made by Artisans works with Rangsutra
Product details Showcasing recurring handblock motifs, this Bagru kota cotton saree emanates a charismatic appeal. Using the traditional colour palette with naturally prepared dyes, the Bagru dabu technique involves handblock printing with traditional motifs including flowers, birds and geometric design. Characteristic imperfections associated with hand block printing may be observed, and colours may fade or bleed due to the traditional dyeing and printing process employed.
Made of Kota Cotton
About Sizes Bagru Print Saree ( 5meter, 42inch ), Without Blouse Piece
Note ♦ Even though preventive treatment is done by the artisan, yet care should be taken during the first few washes as some leeching of color may occur. ♦ The fabric is hand printed and unique, expect some variation from the shown design. ♦ These might slightly differ from as seen on digital screen.
Care Gental wash separately
COD - Option Not Available