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Batik Print

In the workshops of Bhairavgarh, craftsmen are busy doing what seem to be swift doodles on fabric, but what emerge are beautiful motifs of flowers and leaves, creepers spiraling and twisting in perfect symmetry. Vats of hot wax slowly steaming on gas burners stand alongside large sand covered tables, on which the animation of wax lines would take place. Sand avoids melted wax from touching the table and sticking the fabric along with it. With a stylus made by tying coconut husk on a metal rod, craftsmen draw out perfect wax patterns on fabric, with no guidelines, no rough sketches. Spontaneous images that come to their mind are immediately transferred on to fabric like improvised harmonies.

In a state where refined, delicate weaves like Chanderi and Maheshwari dominate, along with the fine block prints of Bagh, the batik of Bhairavgarh strives to carve its niche, and how beautifully it does!


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