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पारिजात ✼ Paarijaat ✼ Patola Saree

Prakesh Bhai Makwana belongs to a traditional weaver’s family ( Maheshwari communities ), now the native weavers of Rajkot have mastered the technique of weaving musical compositions in cloth. The affair goes back to the times when elephants were the royal rides and their adornments were a serious affair of craftsmanship. Symmetry from leaves and flowers formed the understated classic human aesthetic. These characterize the Patola. Popat (parrot), Narikunj, Phulwadi, Chowkdi (cross), Chaabdi (Basket), Choktha, Navratna, Paanchphul, Sarvaiya, Laheriya are also the varied Bhats (patterns) one finds in the story that the Patola so intricately recounts.

पारिजात ✼ Single Ikat Patola  ✼ Silk  Saree ✼ 10 SOLD OUT
पारिजात ✼ Single Ikat Patola ✼ Silk Saree ✼ 10

Man, an eternal traveler has traversed landscapes... on foot, on his rides, on flights in search of ..

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