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Gola Dandi | Wooden Stambh ( 1 in 3 Candle Holder )

Stambh - a candle holder inspired by a traditional Rajasthani Column. Traditional columns have three major parts - Base, Shaft, and Capital. Columns of a particular era and region are identified through the characteristics and design of these three parts. All three parts of Stambh can be separated and used as even two or three candle holders. Stimulate your creative thinking to use Stambh in different compositions for different occasions or as per your mood. When not in use, Stambh accentuates the space with its unique ethnic form and bright colour. Each unit of Stambh is crafted with the traditional woodturning technique and finished with natural dye lac by the skilled artisans of Channapatna. Inside the Box - One piece of Stambh (Three divisions), a Potli, an Introduction Card

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Made/ Mkt. By: Totem Studio

Box- L.W.H | Wgt:30 x 30 x 30cm | 1200g

The beautiful town of Channapatna is located in Karnataka, around 60km from its capital Bengaluru. On the way from Bengaluru to Channapatna, from the highway, you could also see rocky hills where scenes of the movie 'sholey' were shot. The craft of turned wood lac-ware toys is around 200 years old and was introduced in this region during the reign of Tipu Sultan. 


Wood - Traditionally, the most commonly used wood in this process is locally available 'Aale Mara' (Wrightia tinctoria or Ivory Wood). Lac - Lac is a natural and non-toxic resin, derived from the secretion from a tiny insect called 'Laccifer Lacca'. It is approved as a food-grade finish

Machines and Tools

I. Lath Machine.

II. Files and chisels to create different curves, shapes and sizes during turning process.

III. Angle and size measurement tools - Scale, compass, vernier calipers, etc.

1. Curing

After wood is purchased, its cured in natural environment for around a month. The bigger chunks of wood used for containers are hollowed out from inside to speed up the process.

2. Creating a Rainbow

Natural dyes consisting of kumkum, turmeric and indigo are mixed in specific proportions to get tints of VIBGYOR. The number of colour that can be created are limited to the properties of these three natural dyes. For brown colour, Katha (Catechu) is used.

3. Going round and round

A log of wood is turned on lath machine and carved into desired shape and size with the use of tools. This traditional technique of creating circular forms out of a wooden log requires control over tools and hands along with visual perception and intuition. 

4. And a little bit of friction

A stick of coloured lacquer is rubbed against the revolving wooden form. Lacquer transfers to the wood due to friction and heat produced by it. The coating is then finished with dried palm leaves. Oil secreting from the palm leaf mixes with the lacquer, giving it a smooth, shiny finish.

The most important tools are an artisan`s hands and eyes. Even watching an artisan at work is like meditation. It provides immense peace and satisfaction, an experience that is difficult to describe.

Made by Artisans with Totem Studio
Village Channapatna
Returns and Exchange
Note The products in this category cannot be returned or exchanged.
Made of Hale mara wood with natural lacquer finish
About Sizes 25cm length, 8cm width | 380gm.
Care Lac ware products are delicate and fragile. Please follow the care guidelines. Always use Tealight candles, having a metal cup around them, for this candle holder. Do not use a candle without the cup as the wax might harm/burn the wood and lac. Keep the product away from direct sunlight and water. In case of a stain or hard dirt, clean it with a lightly damp soft cotton cloth and wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Avoid falling the product on a hard surface. The lacquer finish is fragile and might chip if it hits a hard surface.
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