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Attar (Natural Perfume) ~ Kevada + Chameli

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Natural Perfume (Attar)
Truly Natural Attars are rare and in limited supply. Attar is one of the oldest forms of Aromatherapy that uses the subtle power of fragrances to provide calmness and re-establish harmony in the body. They balance the Doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) and promote the energy of the Chakras. Attars have a permanent shelf life and become stronger in aroma as they age.
Asal Attars are essential oils which are lighter perfumes than attar. The oils are extracted by steam distillation process from fresh fragrant flowers and herbs collected in coconut oil base. Asal Attars contain natural ingredients and are free from alcohol, synthetic essence and any preservatives or chemical additives. Due to the rare ingredients and laborious production process these fragrances often lose market share to inexpensive synthetic fragrances.
Ayurvedic medicine tradition, considers true beauty to be supported by three pillars; Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty and Lasting Beauty. Only by enhancing all three can we attain the balanced state of radiant health that makes each of us the most fulfilled and beautiful person we can be.
Made by Artisans working with Asal
Village Ahmedabad
Made of 100% natural ingredients
Note Directions for use: Apply a few drops of oil on the body. For lasting fragrance take few drops of Attar on a small cotton bud and place in the outer flap of the ear. A few drops can be added to water and used with aromatic vapour lamps.
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Everytime I buy a saree from you guys, everyone keeps asking me where I get them from. It makes for a great gift as well... so creative and artistic, fabrics feel great

Archita Nair

So delighted to find the Gaatha shop filled with a treasure trove of handcrafted products! The shopping experience was smooth and I received the Ajrakh saree that I had ordered in less than a week. Loved the saree and look forward to more shopping with you. God bless

Kalpana Padhi Das

I first ordered one brass kitchen set and other home decor products from Gaatha and the quality was extremely good. Thank you Gaatha

Aparichita Sen

I just received my two scarfs. I love them, so beautiful. Now I know where to order my Christmas gifts. Thank you very much.

J. Vogt

I received my saree today. The folks at Gaatha were very responsive when I had some questions before placing the order. The saree is absolutely beautiful! In fact it is so much more pretty in person. The cotton is soft to touch and drapes likes a dream. Very pleased with my purchase!

Meenu Devrani

I have always had profound love for Indian handicraft and I have decorated my house with such items which is when I first found Gaatha and have been coming back to them since. Very responsive and the quality is always amazing

Bhavik Mehta

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