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The tradition of wearing sarees or saree-like drapery goes way back in time. Indian history has accounted for several mentions of sarees since time immemorial. Various paintings,poems, and literature point out the significance of sarees and their evolution. 

The word ‘sattika’ has been mentioned in early Sanskrit literature which evolved to become the word, ‘sari.’ This sattika or sari was composed of three pieces, namely- Antriya (lower garment), Uttariya (veil worn over the head and shoulders), and Stanpatta (chest band). This is mentioned in Sanskrit and the Buddhist Pali literature of 6th century BC. Other works in Sanskrit such as the Kadambari by Banabhatta and ancient Tamil poetry, Silappadhikaram, describe women dressed in exquisite drapery or sarees.

The literary and historical sources from India point out the different styles of draping a saree and the different names given to it. Even today, we find different sarees and draping styles all over India. It is this difference and diversity in Indian sarees that adds to their beauty and cultural significance. Every saree is an expression of a state culture embedded in the Indian culture. As a piece of clothing, these sarees speak volumes about India’s notion of ‘unity in diversity’ and how a single piece of cloth worn differently by Indian women, connects them and creates a perfectly balanced blend of religion, culture, and distinctiveness.

Today In India hundred plus clusters are making saree, to make handloom sarees artisan are using different types of material like silk, cotton, silk-cotton, linen etc. apart from handloom saree many other texhnique like Block printing, Embroidery, Applique, Hand Painting etc also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the Saree.

Because of unique making technique and aesthetic value saree are also famous for the name of the clusters like Banarasi saree, Chanderi saree, Kanchipuram saree, Maheshwari saree, Swalkuchi saree, Bhagalpuri saree, Paramkudi saree, Bagh printed saree, etc.

you can get more information about saree tradition at India at our Blog & Research /Archive portal.

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