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Art from Banni ✿ Rogan Painting

belongs to a traditional Rogan Art family, Nirona, Kutch.   Rogan Art, an ancient skill with its origins in Persia, came down to Kutch around 400 years ago. Traditionally, the craft was pursued to beautify bridal clothing of the regional tribes, beautiful borders and floral patterns on Ghagras, odhni and bead spreads were painstakingly painted. However, it being a dying craft with more people showing interest in it in the form of wall pieces, ‘Rogan kaam’ has gained popularity as Rogan art in today’s time.

Art from Banni  ✿ Rogan Painting  ✿ E SOLD OUT
Art from Banni ✿ Rogan Painting ✿ E

The practice of self adornment and decoration has always been an integral part of human social l..

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